ICD™ Family of Lenses hosted by
Randy Kojima FAAO, FSLS, FOAA

Run Time 55 mins

Fitting Simplified™
For Irregular Corneas

"The ICD™ family of lenses offers practitioners a straightforward, systematic approach to scleral lens fitting but also provides a broad range of parameters to approach virtually any eye shape, condition or prescription." - Randy Kojima

The 18-lens ICD™ Family of Lens Designs Diagnostic Set can be used to fit the following corneal conditions:

Bulging Corneal Transplants Corneal Transplants

Dry Eye



Normal Corneal Shapes

Ocular Surface Disease

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

Post Refractive Surgery

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ICD™ Family of Lenses Fitting Guide
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ICD™ Application & Removal Video
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"Fit Virtually ANY Diseased Eye."
Fitting Simplified™


The 18-lens ICD™ Family of Lens Designs Diagnostic
Set contains:

6 - ICD™ 16.5 Lenses

6 - ICD™ 16.5 Toric Lenses

6 - ICD™ 14.5 Mini Lenses

1 - DMV® 45™

1 - DMV® Scleral Cup™




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