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Fitting Simplified™
For Irregular Corneas

With only three fitting zones, ICD™ 16.5 is easy to evaluate, consistent in lens performance and is the "go-to" lens for problematic corneas.

Fitting a mini scleral lens is simplified with the 14-Lens ICD™ 16.5 Diagnostic Set.

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Apical Clearance. Limbal Clearance. Scleral Alignment.
Fitting Simplified™

Irregular Corneal Design ICD™ 16.5 is a trusted lens design which is prescribed worldwide.
Irregular Corneal Design ICD™ 16.5 has a simplified learning curve in order to successfully fit a mini scleral lens.
Irregular Corneal Design ICD™ 16.5 can be fit using a simplified diagnositc fitting process with a 14-lens set.


The newest technology for mini scleral lens fitting.
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